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Clarks Glass Glass & Glazing

Clarks Glass use top spec sealed units from leading glass manufacturers such as Pilkingtons and Saint Gobain for our window, doors and conservatories. Our glass has exceptional insulation properties and offers great sound reduction. Our sealed units use the latest innovations in glass technology and feature warm edge spacer bars, argon filled gas and softcoat.

Self cleaning glass

Clarks Glass offer the famous, self cleaning glass from Pilkingtons. The glass is coated with a special chemical that reacts with the sun and the rain, keeping your glass squeaky clean throughout its lifetime. Especially popular in conservatory roof glass, as a notoriously hard place to reach, but suited to any installation.

Decorative Glass

Clarks Glass can replicate your existing glass that you may want to keep as a feature to your property. Whether you have stain work in your glass or bevels, our glass companies can match this from photos.

We also offer Georgian bars, or astragal bars, which are stuck to the external pains of glass. We also offer various leads including diamond and square.


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