Clarks Glass Double Rebated Composite Doors

Clarks Glass Double Rebated Composite Doors

Clarks Glass offers a large range of double rebated composite doors. Please see below for the styles available.

The Radiant 0

The Radiant 2

The Radiant 4

The Marquise 2

The Marquise 2-3

The Trillion 1

The Princess 1

The Crown 1

The Crown 2

The Crown 5

The Crown 7

The Barion 1

Furniture options

The standard range of furniture for our composite doors is shown below, we can however offer a range of contemporary furniture options, such as long stainless steel bar handles and yale key locks. Please see the brochure page for details of the full furniture range from our composite doors.

Lever Lever Handles

Various Letterplates

Various Hinges

Door Chains

Urn Knockers

Spyhole Urn Knockers


Clarks Glass offers a full 10 year guarantee on all our products, services and installations. We do not have any small print get out clauses, we will service your new windows, doors and conservatories without charge for 10 years.

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