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Conservatory installation Ditchling from Clarks Glass


If you are looking for a new conservatory in Ditchling or a conservatory installer in Ditchling then give us a call, Clarks Glass have been installing conservatories in Ditchling since 1987


Clarks Glass conservatories Ditchling are a great way to quickly add an extra room to your property, with most cases not requiring planning permission. Our spacious conservatory solutions can be erected in a matter of weeks from the initial consultation, creating space and adding value to your property. Our conservatories are built using the highest quality products on the market, from industry leading manufactures including Ultraframe and Pilkingtons.


Conservatory Styles


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      Orangery Conservatories
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Design, Build and Installation.


Clarks Glass have many years experience with designing, building and installing conservatories. Our experienced staff will guide you through the whole process, offering advice on what conservatory solution will best fit your needs and budget. Starting with a free, no obligation quotation, including CAD drawings, to show how your new conservatory will look on your property.


The most important part of any conservatory is a solid, well built base and our builders will ensure that the base foundations are deep enough to support the conservatory for years to come. With a solid base, our builders can start to build the brickwork for the conservatory structure.


Finally the windows, doors and roof can be installed on the structure, using the best quality products, ensuring the conservatory will be an additional, cosy room for your property. With a large range of extra features from bespoke flooring, ceiling fans, spotlights and much more....


Conservatory Materials


Clarks Glass conservatories are available in PVC and Aluminium and with a wide range of colours to choose. Clarks Glass can tailor your conservatory to suit you.


A range of decorative ceiling fans are available to enhance your Ultraframe conservatory and provide additional
ventilation during the warmer months of the year. Available in a variety of designs, with or without light fittings and the choice of an optional remote control, there's sure to be a fan to suit you. Colours range from mahogany blades with brass fittings through to more contemporary fans with beech and chrome fittings.

Tie bars

A tie bar is sometimes specified to help support the weight of a large roof or one that is fitted with glass. The position of the tie bar is dictated by engineering principles, and so they must be fitted. Ultraframe, however has developed a range of structural components to remove the necessity of tie bars in most projects.



Consider your choice of floor covering carefully. If you plan to use your conservatory as a sitting room then carpet
gives an inviting feel. If you have children who will be coming in from the garden, through the conservatory, then laminate
flooring or tiles make a practical and contemporary alternative.


Heating needs to be considered early in the planning stage, especially if your conservatory will be North facing.
There are various options including:

• Extending your home's central heating system
• Fitting underfloor heating
• Electric wall heaters
• Freestanding appliances

For South facing conservatories freestanding appliances are a good idea as they can be removed from the conservatory during the warmer Summer months, creating extra space.



Lighting is important to create the right ambience in your conservatory. Low voltage spotlights can be fitted into the
roof of your conservatory and are available in either a brass or white finish. A selection of lamps and wall lights placed around the conservatory will help to create a cosy feel for enjoying your conservatory in the evenings.